Fireworks showcase ushers in dragon

February 11, 2024

Scores of people gathered on both sides of Victoria Harbour tonight to watch the Lunar New Year fireworks display to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.


Returning after a four-year hiatus, the 23-minute show consisted of eight scenes with a total of 23,888 firing shells, with the theme “All trades thrive in the Dragon’s Year, China stands strong in the prosperous era”.


Following an opening burst of silver lightning and thunder effects, the second scene featured a lucky number “8” in different forms and colours, symbolising wealth and abundance.


“Five-coloured Cosmic Balls”, signifying the boundless sky and earth, was introduced for the first time, wishing citizens a bright future with endless possibilities. While fireworks in the shape of smiling faces and double hearts carried a message of hope, encouraging the crowds to enjoy life with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.


The finale illuminated the night sky with huge brocade crowns to wish Hong Kong prosperity and peace in the year to come.


The event was co-ordinated by the Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau.

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