IT project management strengthened

February 7, 2024

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) today promulgated a series of new measures to assist government bureaus and departments to comprehensively strengthen their management of large-scale and high-risk information technology (IT) projects at different key stages of the project development cycle.


All bureaus and departments are committed to promoting the digital transformation of government services and actively making use of IT to provide more convenient e-government services for people and business.


To instil public confidence in the Government's pursuit of digital government initiatives and ensure the smooth rollout and operation of government IT systems, the OGCIO promulgated a series of new measures.


The new measures cover project initiation, procurement, system development, pre-launch cybersecurity and stress testing.


During the project initiation stage, bureaus and departments should assess whether their IT projects are by nature large-scale or high-risk. When procuring the relevant system development services for IT projects, the weighting of technical assessments in tender-marking schemes should be raised to 70%.


During the system development stage, the OGCIO will work with bureaus and departments on engaging an independent consultant with relevant expertise and experience to conduct a regular third-party review and an assessment on the system design and development progress.


Furthermore, the respective bureaus and departments are required to subject the relevant systems to additional tests to be arranged by the OGCIO before the system rollout for bureaus and departments to assess the system's resilience to abnormal or extreme loading as well as cyberattacks.


The OGCIO said it will continue to collaborate closely with all bureaus and departments to ensure the preparation for the rollout of large-scale digital services meet the service needs of the general public.

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