Organiser should explain sit-out: CE

February 6, 2024

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.) 


Chief Executive John Lee said this morning that the organiser of the football match between the Hong Kong team and Inter Miami CF on February 4 should explain Lionel Messi’s sit-out and answer to ticket buyers’ demands.


At a media session ahead of today’s Executive Council meeting, Mr Lee said it was very undesirable and extremely disappointing that Messi had not participated in the match after expectations had been raised that he would.


The event, organised by Tatler Asia, was awarded “M” Mark status by the Major Sports Events Committee, which also provided a matching grant of $15 million and a further grant of $1 million for the venue.


Tatler Asia yesterday announced in a press conference that it would withdraw its application for “M” Mark status and the $16 million of funding.


“While the organiser has withdrawn (their) application for “M” Mark status, and also withdrawn their application for the subsidy for the sponsorship, they still have the responsibility to explain to members of the public,” Mr Lee said.


“It is their responsibility to explain and also to answer to the demands of those who have bought tickets. It is also (their) responsibility to answer to the disappointment of all the audience (that was) there.”

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