Recycling facilities open for LNY

February 2, 2024

The Environmental Protection Department today said that during the Lunar New Year all 36 GREEN@COMMUNITY recycling stores will extend their service by three hours on February 7 and operate for six hours from February 11 to 13.


In a press statement announcing the special operational arrangements for the GREEN@COMMUNITY facilities during the holidays, the department said the recycling stores will operate from 9am to 10pm on February 7 for people to bring the recyclables generated during the year-end clean-up.


All recycling stores will be closed on February 10 and open from 11am to 5pm between February 11 and 13 to provide self-service recycling for the public.


As the holidays approach, the department said it expected more people to visit the recycling stores and urged them to go during non-peak hours to shorten the waiting time.


It added that although recyclables can be placed into the self-service recycling cage trolleys or receptacles located outside most of the recycling stores beyond the operating hours, people should not leave the recyclables outside the stores or on the street when the cage trolleys or receptacles are full, to avoid affecting nearby residents and the environment.


The department also pointed out that six of the 11 recycling stations will be closed from February 10 to 13, while GREEN@EASTERN, GREEN@YUEN LONG, GREEN@SHAM SHUI PO, GREEN@KWAI TSING and GREEN@TAI PO will resume operations on February 13. 


During the closure, citizens can place recyclables into the self-service recycling facilities inside the stations or outside the gates.

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