Youth initiatives discussed

February 1, 2024

Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki today chaired the 15th meeting of the Youth Development Commission, in which government representatives briefed commission members on the implementation of the Youth Development Blueprint.


Members were pleased to note that the blueprint received positive feedback from various sectors of the community.


They were also informed that policy bureaus and departments have been taking forward youth development work at full steam along the guiding principles set forth in the blueprint and implementing more than 160 concrete actions and measures stated in the document.


Over the past year, close to 60 new youth-related measures were put forward to consistently respond to young people’s evolving needs.


Mr Chan said the blueprint demonstrated the Government's commitment to continuously promoting long-term youth development work and thanked the commission for its full collaboration in fully implementing and promoting the blueprint.


He added that policy bureaus and departments introduced various new measures in the light of the latest situation of the society and the youth, apart from actively taking forward the various concrete actions and measures as set out in the blueprint.


At the meeting, members also noted the progress of the various youth development initiatives under the Home & Youth Affairs Bureau and the commission, including the implementation of various Mainland and overseas internship and exchange programmes as well as the launch of the Youth Festival and the Youth Link.


Mr Chan called on the commission to continue to work with the Government in the coming year in drawing the community together to support youth development and provide the younger generation with an enabling environment to build their future.

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