Aviation grant applications open

January 29, 2024

The Transport & Logistics Bureau today announced the launch of the Aviation Promotion Project Funding Scheme, which accepts applications all year round.


The scheme aims to fund local aviation-related organisations and academic institutions for organising activities to promote the aviation industry and attract talent to join the industry.


Activities mainly for business promotion or individual corporate recruitment will not be considered.


Eligible organisations should submit applications at least three months before the commencement of the activities concerned.


The Maritime & Aviation Training Fund (MATF) Secretariat will submit the applications to a tripartite taskforce on manpower training (aviation) for approval within two months from the receipt of the application forms and all necessary documents.


Applications from locally registered non-profit organisations may receive a maximum of 100% of the permissible expenditure, subject to a ceiling of $250,000.


Applications from other eligible organisations may receive up to 50% of the permissible expenditure, capped at $125,000.


Interested organisations may contact the MATF Secretariat on 3509 7261 or by email at matf@tlb.gov.hk.

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