Waste bag remarks condemned

January 21, 2024

The Environmental Protection Department today condemned as defamatory and slanderous the remarks in an online video clip claiming the designated bags for municipal solid waste charging are easily torn.


The department made it clear that the bag shown in the video was not the designated bag.


The bags to be put on sale soon have already passed all tests of relevant international and/or national standards and will not be easily damaged. The tests included those on minimum tensile strength, minimum percentage of elongation, puncture and impact resistance. Click here to view the department’s field test for the designated bag.


In addition to condemning the false news, the Government reminded the public that as there have recently been many rumours with malicious intent regarding the quality of designated bags, they should be extra vigilant to avoid being misled and deceived.


The department will refer cases with suspected criminal elements to Police for follow-up.

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