Waste charging to start on Aug 1

January 19, 2024

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan said today the implementation day for Municipal Solid Waste Charging will be postponed to August 1 to allow more time for related publicity work.


At a media session, Mr Tse noted that people had expressed various concerns about the implementation of the waste charging.


“I have noted many discussions and questions raised by various sectors in the community about Municipal Solid Waste Charging, and many people expressed their concerns to me that the general public do not understand how waste charging will be implemented and the related details as well.


“I think as a responsible government, we would like to implement waste charging successfully and smoothly. And therefore, I believe it is a responsible act for us to put more time into public education.”


In addition, government departments will take the lead by demonstrating the new scheme for refuse collection from April 1 as planned.


“We will put forward demonstrations so that different people, different sectors, and the public can actually see how waste charging will function, how it is operated and if we have some minor problems, how they will be resolved, etc.”


Mr Tse said he believes this will help with the scheme’s full implementation in August.

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