HK aims to boost tourism appeal

January 17, 2024

Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung today said the Tourism Board (TB) plans to launch new campaigns this year to promote courtesy and service quality, with the aim of consolidating Hong Kong’s position as an international tourist destination.


Answering legislators’ questions, Mr Yeung said expanding the sources of visitors to Hong Kong, to include more high value-added overnight visitors, has long been a key strategy for the development of tourist in the city.


He said the Government will consult with relevant Mainland authorities on proposals to enhance the Individual Visit Scheme, and to adjust the duty-free allowance for Mainland visitors arriving in Hong Kong. The ultimate aim, he added, is to offer Mainland visitors more convenience and flexibility in how they visit Hong Kong, and to enrich their overall experience in doing so.


Mr Yeung cited TB findings that the average length of stay of overnight visitors was 3.5 nights in the third quarter of 2023, compared to 3.1 nights before the pandemic.


In July 2023, the board established the Professional Quality Tourism Services Pledge, gathering together nearly 100 representatives and frontline practitioners from related sectors in pledging to deliver the best experience to visitors.


The board will also continue to enhance local service quality and hospitality through the Quality Tourism Services Scheme, as well as organising an awards programme to recognise the efforts of high-performing merchants and frontline practitioners.


Looking ahead, Mr Yeung said with the industry’s co-operation, the board will roll out a series of training videos and promotional activities this year.


He added that new campaigns are also being planned to encourage tourism-related trades to improve their service to customers, so as to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international tourist destination.

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