Tony Chung condemned for fleeing

December 29, 2023

The Correctional Services Department today condemned Tony Chung for violating his supervision order and fleeing to the UK where he plans to seek asylum.


Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services (Rehabilitation & Management) Leung Kin-ip told a press conference that under the supervision requirement, the supervisee should inform the supervising officer of the duration and specific period he will leave Hong Kong, as well as the destination.


“For this case, he had already mentioned that he will leave Hong Kong from 20 to 25 of this month. But he failed to return, and he originally told us he will go to Japan, but finally, everybody knows, he is now in the UK.


“For his irresponsible behaviour, we really condemn it, and he will face the result as we will recall him back to prison to serve the remaining sentence.”

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