Govt assists traffic accident victims

December 26, 2023

A Hong Kong resident died and two others were injured in a traffic accident in Shaoguan, Guangdong yesterday afternoon. Officers of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Government were deployed to render assistance.


The Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Guangdong today said it had deployed officers to Shaoguan to assist residents and their families upon learning of the incident yesterday evening.


The three Hong Kong residents were passengers on board a Mainland-licensed private car when the accident happened, the office noted.


The office and the Immigration Department will continue to liaise with the residents concerned, and their families, to render all practicable assistance.


Hong Kong residents who need assistance when travelling outside of Hong Kong may call the department’s Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit 24-hour hotline on (852) 1868. They can also call the 1868 hotline using network data via the department’s mobile app, send a message to the 1868 WhatsApp assistance hotline or submit an Online Assistance Request Form.

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