Visitors board homegrown aircraft

December 14, 2023

Different sectors of the community including those from the aviation sector and youth groups today boarded home-developed aircraft C919 and ARJ21, which are on display at Hong Kong International Airport, to witness the country's achievements in civilian passenger aircraft manufacturing.


Among those on board was Moodie Cheikh, the Chief Executive Officer of an aviation enterprise, who hailed the Mainland’s entry into the civil aviation market as bringing a healthy dose of competition.


Any time you can introduce competition into an industry, I think is a great thing. So having a third player in the industry is good and I am excited to see how it all works out.


Mr Cheikh added that Hong Kong has managed to successfully retain its status as a global aviation hub following the pandemic.


Absolutely it is back. We are really happy to see the progress. The airport continued to invest during COVID-19 and we are starting to see the results of that now - they are a lot of further ahead than many other customers that we have all around the world.


So it is a pleasure to partner with Hong Kong aviation, really nice to see it happening and we think it is going to continue.

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