Agriculture, fisheries plan unveiled

December 14, 2023

The Government today released the Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture & Fisheries, outlining the vision and work targets for the industries and proposed measures.


Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan said at the blueprint's launch ceremony this afternoon that the Government attaches great importance to the development of local agriculture and fisheries industries, adding that the blueprint’s formulation demonstrates its determination in this aspect.


The blueprint covers areas such as infrastructure and financial support, application of technology, human resources and training, fostering development of trade organisations, improving operating environment, industrial diversification and opportunity creation for the industries' sustainable development.


Major initiatives include developing deep sea mariculture, promoting modernised aquaculture and offshore fisheries, planning of fisheries protection areas, designating agricultural priority areas, implementing an agricultural park project, introducing urban farming, construction of multi-storey enclosed livestock farms and developing leisure farming and fisheries.


Click here for the full blueprint.

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