Dance contest gets ‘M’ Mark status

December 11, 2023

The Major Sports Events Committee announced today that it has awarded “M” Mark status to the World DanceSport Federation Breaking for Gold World Series - Hong Kong 2023, due to be held on December 15 and 16.


With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games less than a year away, the event serves as the final qualification ranking competition for the Paris Games. It is expected that around 200 top breakdancers from some 50 countries or regions will compete in Hong Kong.


Major Sports Events Committee Chairman Wilfred Ng said he is delighted that the DanceSport Association of Hong Kong, China has been authorised to host this elite event.


“This event not only showcases Hong Kong’s capability to host world-class events, but also enhances Hong Kong’s position as a centre for major international sports events.”


He anticipated that the contest would add colour and vibrancy to the city, thereby bringing in more visitors from abroad.


The “M” Mark system aims to encourage and assist local and national sports associations, as well as private and non-governmental organisations, to organise more sports events and grow them into sustainable initiatives.

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