Govt supports green transport

December 6, 2023

Acting Secretary for Transport & Logistics Liu Chun-san said today that the Government encourages green transformation in the transport sector and could assist franchised bus operators in achieving such a transition.


Answering legislators’ questions, Mr Liu noted that as of the end of September, a total of 59 electric franchised buses had been registered. He stressed that the Government understands that transitioning to electric buses will involve substantial costs to operators.


“To alleviate the operating and fare increase pressure of operators, we will discuss with them the overall financial arrangements on electrification of their vehicle fleets, where the possibility of providing assistance through subsidies or other means will not be ruled out.”


As for public light buses, the Government has opened a pilot scheme for electric public light buses (e-PLBs), earmarking $80 million for its implementation.


The scheme is intended to provide subsidies for a trial of about 30 e-PLBs on various routes for about 12 months. Different models of e-PLBs and quick charging facilities will be tested and their performance evaluated.


The Environmental Protection Department will offer successful applicants a subsidy of 80% of the price of each e-PLB on trial under the scheme. 

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