HK students outperform average

December 5, 2023

The Education Bureau today said Hong Kong students’ results in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 were steady, with overall scores surpassing international averages.


Conducted in three-year cycles, PISA is organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development and assesses 15-year-old students’ mathematical, scientific and mother-tongue reading literacy.


A total of 81 countries or economies participated in the PISA held last year. In Hong Kong, a total of 5,907 students from 163 secondary schools participated in the study.


The bureau said the purpose of PISA is to assess whether students have acquired the knowledge and skills essential for meeting the demands of their future lives, rather than evaluating their performance in specific school curricula.


The bureau also highlighted that it had participated in the exercise despite the main assessment being conducted at a time when Hong Kong had just gone through the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and schools had just resumed half-day face-to-face classes.


Due to the concerted efforts of various sectors, Hong Kong students were able to perform well in PISA 2022 despite facing challenges, the bureau said.


In mathematical literacy, Hong Kong maintained its ranking of fourth place with a score of 540, which was significantly above the international average of 472.


In terms of scientific literacy, meanwhile, Hong Kong’s ranking advanced from ninth place in the previous cycle to seventh place. Its score also increased from 517 to 520, which was significantly above the international average of 485.


Finally, on mother-tongue reading literacy, Hong Kong ranked 11th, dropping from fourth place in the previous cycle. Its score dropped from 524 to 500, while the international average stood at 476.


The bureau said it will step up efforts to support schools through diversified strategies outlined in its Reading to Learn policy.


In terms of educational equity, Hong Kong ranked second among countries or economies with high academic achievements, indicating that the socio-economic status of Hong Kong students has minimal bearing on their performance.


The PISA 2022 results reaffirmed the merits of the Hong Kong education system, which is able to provide all students with high-quality and equal education opportunities, thereby facilitating social mobility.


The bureau commended students on their remarkable performance in mathematical and scientific literacy, adding that it will draw on the findings of the PISA study to review prevailing learning and teaching measures, in particular those relating to reading, to formulate targeted strategies for boosting students’ performance.

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