New building modules demonstrated

December 5, 2023
Enhanced efficiency
Enhanced efficiency:

Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho (second left) attends a Modular Integrated Construction demonstration and is briefed on the operation of a construction robot.

The Housing Authority today demonstrated the lifting and installation of a Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) module at a public housing site on Anderson Road, the authority’s first project to be completed by adopting MiC.


Senior Architect in the Housing Department John Lo said at the demonstration that MiC 1.5 is in use at the site. With its enhanced structural design, he explained, MiC 1.5 gives structural walls a higher load-bearing capacity than MiC 1.0, thereby enabling increased production.  


The enhanced MiC module design strengthens the bracing structures to facilitate transportation and installation, enhancing overall construction efficiency, Mr Lo added.


“By adopting advanced connection methods jointly developed with research institutions, it is envisaged that the on-site installation procedure of MiC 2.0 will be further simplified with minimal limitations,” he said.


The fact that workers are able to complete installation of reinforcements without having to stay in between modules benefits construction site safety and construction efficiency, and allows for a reduction in on-site labour and materials used, Mr Lo stressed.


Meanwhile, project contractors gave a briefing on the use of a smart site management platform that allows users to monitor work progress and site safety, and provides real-time information on the installation of MiC modules.


Today’s demonstration also involved a number of construction robots. These included a plastering robot, a painting and skim coat robot, a robotic welding arm, a material delivery and inspection robot, and an Exo-skeleton.


The authority said these advanced technologies can raise construction quality, reduce construction time and labour-intensive processes, and enhance occupational safety and health, as well as helping to achieve environmentally friendly construction by reducing waste.


Upon completion, the 17-storey domestic block at the abovementioned construction site on Anderson Road will provide over 400 subsidised sale flats. These are targeted for completion in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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