Tse Chin-wan attends climate summit

December 2, 2023
Green meeting
Green meeting:

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan (second right) meets guest speakers of the Local Climate Action Summit in Dubai.

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan attended the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai and joined discussions at the Local Climate Action Summit today.
During the summit, Mr Tse made it clear that in addition to striving to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, Hong Kong is contributing to the country's dual carbon targets, and as such four major decarbonisation strategies - net-zero electricity generation, energy saving and green buildings, green transport, and waste reduction - have been set up.
To reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation which accounts for more than 60% of the total carbon emissions in Hong Kong, the Government has put much efforts in promoting the use of zero-carbon energy so as to cease using coal for daily electricity generation and increase the share of usage of zero-carbon energy in electricity generation to around 60% to 70% by 2035.
"Hong Kong's carbon emissions reached its peak in 2014, thus we have set our interim target to reduce carbon emissions by half from the 2005 level before 2035. The Government is actively exploring collaboration with neighbouring regions in zero-carbon energy projects, and will construct new infrastructure for receiving electricity transmitted to Hong Kong from nearby regions, so as to further increase the supply of zero-carbon energy to the city," Mr Tse said.
To reduce carbon emissions from the transport sector, he stated that the Government continues to promote green transport, including the popularisation of electric vehicles through the "One-for-One Replacement" Scheme, active extension of charging facilities and facilitation of local hydrogen applications and supply.


Currently, over 60% of newly registered private cars are electric. Apart from adding that Hong Kong is also developing itself as an international green technology and finance centre to support the financing required for green transition, Mr Tse pointed out that the total amount of green bonds issued in the city accounts for one-third in Asia.
Yesterday, together with Permanent Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury (Financial Services) Salina Yan, the environment chief met Special Envoy for Climate Change of China Xie Zhenhua from the Chinese delegation.
Mr Tse and Ms Yan then met Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology & Environment Zhao Yingmin and Director of the Department of Climate Change of the ministry Xia Yingxian to brief them on Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050, the latest policies and measures of the Government to combat climate change and the latest development of green finance in the city.
Both officials also attended the high-level segment of COP28 as members of the Chinese delegation.

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