Elderly service network expanded

December 1, 2023

The Social Welfare Department today expanded the respite service network for elderly people to strengthen residential and day respite services for seniors living in the community.


Under the new arrangement, about 140 private residential care homes for the elderly under the Enhanced Bought Place Scheme will not only provide residential respite services, but also offer day respite services for seniors in need in the community when vacant residential care places are available.


Subsidised day care centres or units for the elderly will continue to provide a day respite service, the department added.


It noted that the service points of day respite services for the elderly will significantly increase from around 50 to about 190, while the number of service places will increase from about 260 to over 500 to cover all districts in Hong Kong.


The department expects the new initiative will provide more comprehensive support for elderly citizens, their family members and carers. 


Seniors and their carers may call the Designated Hotline for Carer Support 182 183 for social workers to assist in arranging and matching respite services; apply directly via the residential care homes/centres/units providing day respite services for the elderly; or request referrals from Integrated Family Service Centres/Integrated Services Centres, Medical Social Services Units or elderly service units.


In addition, since October, about 20 residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) under the Bought Place Scheme for Private RCHDs have been providing day respite services for those with disabilities in the community when there are vacant residential respite care places.


The Chief Executive announced in the Policy Address this year the expansion of the respite service network, so that carers can take short breaks or attend to personal matters for temporary relief.

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