CE's expert group bound for Beijing

November 29, 2023

Head of the Chief Executive’s Policy Unit Stephen Wong will tomorrow lead a delegation, comprising 19 professional management and research colleagues from the unit, to participate in a study programme organised by Peking University in Beijing.


The delegation will also call on the State Council’s Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office. In addition, Mr Wong will meet officials in central ministries responsible for strategic planning and policy research to exchange views on various topics.


The objective of the event at Peking University is to enhance the unit’s policy research capabilities and understanding of strategic paradigms through study and dialogue focused on strategic planning of the country’s development. Heavyweight experts and scholars will share insights on topics such as reform and opening up, Chinese-style modernisation, global technology and innovation.


Mr Wong said the programme relates closely to the unit’s work and also meets the Chief Executive’s expectations of the unit.


“I hope that our colleagues will seize this opportunity to actively engage in in-depth exchanges with the experts and professional organisations, and gain a deeper understanding of our country’s strategic and systemic thinking in various areas.


“I also expect that our participants will make use of what they have gained to discharge their duties in future with a view to assisting Hong Kong to better integrate into the overall development of our country and giving full play to Hong Kong’s unique position and advantages of enjoying strong support (from) the motherland and being closely connected to the world, as our country embarks on the journey towards high-quality development.” 

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