Arts devt blueprint forthcoming: CS

November 29, 2023

Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki

The theme of this year’s Business of Design Week (BODW), "Game Changers", couldn't be timelier. Hong Kong, and many other economies, have come out of the years-long pandemic and resumed full normality.


It's time for policymakers, business executives and creative leaders, local and worldwide, to be game changing: setting ambitious goals, and driving smart innovation, in design and branding processes.


Apart from knowledge exchange, BODW fosters international partnerships. I am especially pleased to note that the Netherlands is the partner country this year, bringing in a top-notch Dutch delegation to exchange design mindsets and creative solutions with other participants.


I am proud to say that Hong Kong, as an international city where East meets West, is the right place to drive such dialogue. And our Government spares no effort to develop Hong Kong into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange. 


The Chief Executive, in his second Policy Address delivered last month, announced that our Government will set up a dedicated Cultural & Creative Industries Development Agency. This agency will engage a wide range of partners, with you all included, to proactively promote the development of arts, culture and creative sectors under an industry-oriented principle.


Also, our Government's various Economic & Trade Offices on the Mainland and overseas will continue to step up cultural promotion and exchange, so as to strengthen people-to-people bonds between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.   


And do stay tuned to our launch, later this year, of a comprehensive blueprint on Hong Kong's arts and culture and creative industries development. This first-ever blueprint will feature a host of initiatives along four directions, namely to develop diverse arts and culture with an international perspective, promote Chinese culture, drive cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world, and drive industry building.     


Together, we will create a more diversified arts, cultural and creative ecosystem.


Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki made these remarks at the opening ceremony of Business of Design Week 2023 on November 29.

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