Tate's Cairn Tunnel HKeToll smooth

November 27, 2023

The Transport Department announced today that the operation of the HKeToll has been generally smooth since its implementation at the Tate's Cairn Tunnel from 5am yesterday.


The department noted that during today's morning peak hours, the traffic queue towards Kowloon was at the College of International Education of Baptist University (Shek Mun Campus), which is similar to that before the implementation of the HKeToll, and generally motorists can adapt to the new traffic arrangements.


From midnight to 5pm today, of the 40,281 vehicles that passed through the tunnel, about 90% were detected with vehicle tags installed, and about 70% used an automatic payment means.


The department reminded vehicle owners to pay the toll within 14 business days after passing through the tunnel.


It added that the HKeToll will be extended to the Aberdeen Tunnel in December.

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