SJ reviews fire services recruits

November 17, 2023

Secretary for Justice Paul Lam today reviewed the Fire Services passing-out parade for 22 station officers, 146 firemen and 50 ambulancemen at the Fire & Ambulance Services Academy.


Speaking at the parade, Mr Lam commended the Fire Services Department for forming the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region search and rescue team with members from other government departments to carry out search and rescue work in quake-stricken areas in Türkiye in February, successfully rescuing four survivors.


He pointed out that Hong Kong people take pride in the team’s selfless devotion and added that the team has helped enhance the city’s international reputation.


The rescue team also earned the inaugural Chief Executive’s Award for Exemplary Performance in July.


Separately, Mr Lam noted that the department had organised a national studies course with the aim of strengthening the graduates’ understanding of the country and enabling them to exchange views with the Guangdong Fire & Rescue Corps to learn about the Mainland’s advanced equipment and new technologies.


He said: “Graduates are encouraged to continue to actively participate in the exchange sessions organised for fire and ambulance personnel of both Hong Kong and Guangdong Province to foster closer co-operation.


“Such sessions would also enhance the professional and technical standards of both sides, and further contribute to strengthening the emergency response and rescue capabilities of the Greater Bay Area.”


Today’s parade was followed by a demonstration of firefighting and rescue techniques by the graduates.


The 218 fire services staff will be posted to various fire stations and ambulance depots.

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