HK Talent Engage office opens

October 30, 2023

The Hong Kong Talent Engage office (HKTE) opened today to strengthen recruitment of and support for talent to pursue development in Hong Kong.


Officiating at the opening ceremony, Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki said the results of the current-term Government’s measures to trawl for talent spoke for themselves.


Such measures included the establishment of the HKTE online platform, the newly introduced Top Talent Pass Scheme and enhancements to various existing talent admission schemes by the end of last year.


Mr Chan said: “The results so far have been very encouraging. In the first nine months since our new measures were introduced, we received some 160,000 applications in total under our various talent admission schemes.


“Over 100,000 of the applications have been approved, and around 60,000 talented people have got their visas approved to come to Hong Kong. In other words, we have far exceeded our key performance indicator of drawing at least 35,000 talented individuals per year.”


Mr Chan added that the 2023 Policy Address fully adopted the prevailing strategy of trawling for and retaining talent. Further measures rolled out included expanding the coverage of universities under the Top Talent Pass Scheme, relaxing visa requirements as well as introducing a stamp duty suspension arrangement for incoming talent to acquire residential properties.


The Chief Secretary also expressed full confidence in the HKTE and the array of measures to trawl for and retain talent in helping develop Hong Kong into an international talent hub and making new contributions to the country's high-quality development.


“Our HKTE office will launch publicity, and offer 'one-stop-shop' support, to attract talent and facilitate their settlement, together with their family members, in our city. The office will also partner with different organisations as well as the Dedicated Teams for Attracting Businesses & Talents under the Government's Mainland and overseas offices, to get the needed information and services for the incoming talent,” Mr Chan added.    


Incoming talent or those interested in coming to Hong Kong to pursue development can visit the HKTE office located on 12/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, in person. They may also visit the office’s website or make enquiries via emailLinkedIn or WeChat.


Talent from around the world may may also learn more about the Government's various talent admission schemes through the Dedicated Teams for Attracting Businesses & Talents under the Government's Mainland offices and overseas Economic & Trade Offices.

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