Culture chief lauds HK in Bangkok

October 22, 2023

Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung visited exhibitions promoting Hong Kong in Bangkok on the third day of his visit in Thailand today.


In the morning, Mr Yeung toured the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Carnival exhibition in Bangkok. The aim of the show, organised by the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD), is to introduce Hong Kong’s ICH items via exhibits, photos, short videos and interactive games.


Mr Yeung then visited the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre to learn more about arts and cultural development in Thailand and appreciate the artworks created by artists of different styles.


He also surveyed the Immersive Hong Kong roving exhibition organised by the Information Services Department in Bangkok.


In the afternoon, Mr Yeung attended the opening ceremony of the “Next Generation: Emerging Directors Exhibition & Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation” organised by Create Hong Kong and funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund (FDF).


Seven Hong Kong films, including those by budding directors, such as A Guilty Conscience and A Light Never Goes Out, were screened and the promotional materials and film sets of the films supported by the FDF were showcased in the exhibition.


Mr Yeung was also present at the opening fashion presentation and opening ceremony of JUXTAPOSED 2023 Hong Kong Fashion in Bangkok. It was organised by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and sponsored by Create Hong Kong.


Apart from attending the opening ceremony and opening programme of Hong Kong Week 2023@Bangkok, which was organised by the LCSD, he also visited the Thai Film Archive yesterday.


Mr Yeung will return to Hong Kong tomorrow.

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