2 relics declared monuments

October 20, 2023

Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay in Sai Kung and the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong in Sheung Wan have been declared as monuments by the Government. The declarations were published in the Gazette under the Antiquities & Monuments Ordinance today.


Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay, commonly known as “Tai Miu” and situated on the bay’s northern shore, is among the few remaining Tin Hau temples that are located by the sea. It is one of the oldest and largest Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong, with an inscription suggesting it dates back to the Southern Song dynasty.


Many antique architectural and decorative elements have been retained at the temple, including its granite columns, screen doors, timber cornice boards, floor tiles, and murals in the incense pavilion. The temple is of significant historical and cultural value, as it represents the traditional religious practices of fishing and seafaring communities and exemplifies the significance of Tin Hau worship in Hong Kong.


The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong at Bridges Street, currently known as the Bridges Street Centre, was built in 1918. It served as the original headquarters of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong before the association moved its base to Waterloo Road in 1966.


The building retains its indoor heated swimming pool and an elevated wok-shaped timber running track that is supported by a cantilever structure and was the first of its kind in Hong Kong.


The association has provided a wide range of social services at the building since its opening, contributing to the development of social services in Hong Kong. Rehabilitation services for the mentally disabled and other social services are currently provided there.


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