CE urges public to get flu jab

October 5, 2023
Precautionary step
Precautionary step:

In preparation for the winter influenza season, Chief Executive John Lee (front row, centre) and principal officials get their flu jabs.

Chief Executive John Lee, leading principal officials and under secretaries, received the seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) today and called on the public to get the jab early in preparation for the winter flu season.


Mr Lee pointed out that receiving the SIV is one of the most effective means of preventing seasonal flu and its complications as well as reducing the associated risk of hospitalisation and death.


“Upon entering the summer influenza season this August, Hong Kong has recorded since then multiple serious and death cases. These involved not only children but also unvaccinated people in most of the cases.


“We are expecting a high chance of a seasonal influenza outbreak this winter given that it will be our very first winter after the lifting of all mandatory mask-wearing requirements. In this connection, I strongly appeal to high-risk groups in particular to receive the SIV as early as possible.”


Citizens may consult healthcare officers when receiving the SIV and arrange for COVID-19 vaccination in due course for better self-protection, he added.


Secretary for Health Prof Lo Chung-mau, who was also present today, said: “As shown by the latest surveillance data on the percentage of respiratory specimens in which seasonal influenza virus was detected and the influenza-related admission rate at public hospitals, the local seasonal influenza activity level is seen to be on a rising trend, alongside a significant increase in the number of outbreak of influenza-like illness since the school year started in early September.


“All seasonal influenza vaccination programmes have commenced today to provide free or subsidised SIV for eligible people. Members of the public are advised to receive vaccination as early as possible.”


The Government urged members of the public who belong to the priority groups, ie people aged 50 or above, adults aged 18 to 49 with underlying comorbidities, those aged six months or above and with immunocompromising conditions, pregnant women, and healthcare workers, to receive the SIV as early as possible.


It also noted that they should receive a COVID-19 booster jab in a timely manner, in order to get dual protection.


For details, visit the thematic webpage or call 2125 2125.

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