Allowances offered to fishermen

September 29, 2023

The Lands Department today announced that eligible fishermen affected by marine works projects in the north-eastern waters of Hong Kong and whose vessels do not exceed 15 metres in length can register to apply for an ex-gratia allowance.


The endorsed homeports for the registration exercise are Kat O, Sai Lau Kong, Sha Tin, Sha Tau Kok, Sham Wan, Tap Mun, Kau Lau Wan, Yung Shue Au, Ap Chau and Yim Tin Tsai East/West.


A departmental working group held briefing sessions with fishermen in mid-September to explain eligibility criteria, registration arrangements and other salient details.


Eligible vessel owners who did not attend the briefings may contact the working group’s secretariat to provide their registration information on or before October 20, either by telephone (on 3524 7225 or 3524 7224), fax (on 3524 7128) or email.


Alternatively, information can be posted to the Fishermen Claims Assessment Unit at Unit 711, 7/F, K. Wah Centre, on 191 Java Road, North Point. The postmark date will be taken as the submission date.


Required information includes the vessel owner’s name, Hong Kong Identity Card number, contact phone number, correspondence address and Certificate of Ownership number, as well as the vessel’s homeport.


The working group will then post chits to applicants outlining appointment details.


Call 3524 7223 or 3524 7227 for enquiries.

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