Innovation showcase coming soon

September 26, 2023

The Innovation & Technology Commission will stage InnoCarnival 2023 from October 28 to November 5 to showcase local innovation and technology (I&T) achievements.


Themed “Go Smart! Go Tech! Go Green!”, the event will be held at the Science Park and forms part of the Happy Hong Kong campaign. Besides the exhibition, it will include a series of webinars and workshops.


The event is aimed at enhancing public knowledge of I&T and inspiring interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, among youngsters.


Thirty-eight booths featuring I&T exhibits and interactive games will be set up, while around 150 workshops and some 35 webinars will be held.


A press preview for the carnival was staged today to showcase various research and development (R&D) projects.


One is a “Smart Sponge”, a versatile and selective oil-absorbing sponge developed by City University that can be used in aquaculture filtering systems, oil-spill clean-up efforts in both marine and fresh water environments, and household implements.


Another exhibit is the “5G Cloud Robotics System” developed by the Applied Science & Technology Research Institute. It combines 5G technology with advanced cloud computing and robotic capabilities to navigate complex environments autonomously and perform intricate tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity while reducing human intervention and risk.


Meanwhile, the Chinese Foundation Secondary School, an awardee in the 25th Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition, presented a project named “Upcycling of Abandoned Beehives”, which uses materials such as beeswax, rosin and ground soybeans as substitutes for plastics in 3D printing.


Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Ivan Lee said the commission has been proactively supporting the I&T sector in Hong Kong, including through developing infrastructure, nurturing talent, supporting R&D, and promoting I&T culture.


All of the activities at the carnival are free of charge, although some require pre-registration. Details can be found here.

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