CE visits HZ games equestrian centre

September 25, 2023

Chief Executive John Lee today visited Tonglu Equestrian Centre, the equestrian venue of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou, to learn more about the centre’s construction and its preparation work for the competitions.


Mr Lee led a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government delegation to tour the centre’s facilities and watch the athletes train. They also had exchanges with Hong Kong volunteers participating in the Asian Games’ equestrian events.


The Chief Executive said he is pleased that Hong Kong will contribute to the games, noting that the Hong Kong Jockey Club provided technical support for the Asian Games’ equestrian events, leveraging Hong Kong’s strengths to serve the country’s needs.


The Jockey Club’s participation came as a result of an invitation by the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee and the co-ordination of the Hong Kong SAR Government Zhejiang Liaison Unit.


Mr Lee stressed that he and the public are proud of the outstanding performance by Hong Kong athletes in the first few days of the Asian Games.


The Hong Kong SAR Government will continue to promote the city’s sports development and spare no effort in contributing to the country’s preparation of large-scale sports events, he added.


Mr Lee concluded his visit and departed for Hong Kong this afternoon.

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