Tool added for tenancy applications

September 24, 2023

The Housing Bureau today announced that its Central & Unified Platform for Transitional Housing, referred to as “TH-E”, will be launched tomorrow.


Intended to facilitate online applications for transitional housing, the platform is easy to operate. Applicants can follow clear instructions to enter basic information such as their name, phone number and identity card number, and to select their preferred projects.


After submitting an application online, applicants will immediately receive an SMS confirmation containing a reference number for future enquiries about the progress of their application.


The platform will automatically refer applications to operating organisations for follow-up. Data collection, compilation and analysis capabilities will be added to the platform’s functionality in the future.


To cater to the needs of different users, applications can still be submitted by post, email or fax. Applicants can also now upload and submit a completed central common application form directly through the "TH-E" platform.


Click here to view a flow chart for using the “TH-E” platform.

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