Immigration phone scam highlighted

September 20, 2023

The Immigration Department (ImmD) today reminded citizens to remain vigilant when receiving suspicious calls from people claiming to be immigration officers and to take the initiative to verify their identities.


The department made the appeal after it has come to their attention that fraudsters have recently impersonated immigration officers to make calls to members of the public.


During the conversation, the fraudsters added credibility to their scams by offering the names, titles, contact numbers and office addresses of serving immigration officers for identity and verification.

While saying that its staff will call people to process their applications with the department on an individual basis, the department reminds citizens, when receiving suspicious calls, to refrain from believing the callers hastily or disclosing personal information arbitrarily.


In addition, the department reminds the public that it will not make any pre-recorded voice calls to non-users of its appointment reminder service, nor will it transfer the calls to non-local authorities and request the call recipients to provide personal information.


Citizens who are in doubt may contact the department by calling its enquiry hotline 2824 6111 or send an email, or call Police’s 24-hour “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222”.


​Anyone suspecting a phone scam should report it to Police immediately.

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