Two areas awarded protected status

September 15, 2023

The Secretary for Development (SDEV) today designated certain areas in the Ma On Shan Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) and the South Lantau Coast OZP as Regulated Areas by way of a notice in the gazette.


The designation enables the Director of Planning to instigate enforcement actions to protect the natural environment and ecology of these areas.


This is the first time that the SDEV has exercised a new power conferred by the Town Planning Ordinance since an amendment came into effect on September 1.


The designation covers about 33 hectares in the Ma On Shan OZP located in the Mui Tsz Lam area. The area is endowed with native woodland and natural streams, and provides a habitat to diverse species of flora and fauna.


Meanwhile, the Regulated Area in the South Lantau Coast OZP spans some 626 hectares across Fan Lau, Tai Long Wan, Shui Hau/Tong Fuk, Cheung Sha, Pui O, Shap Long/Chi Ma Wan, Chi Ma Wan Peninsula and Mong Tung Wan.


The area comprises a wide range of natural habitats, including woodland and shrubland, as well as two streams in Pui O and Tong Fuk that are considered ecologically important.


Both areas are considered to be of ecological value and subject to development pressures or environmental degradation risks. However, limitations in the pre-amended Town Planning Ordinance meant the Director of Planning was not empowered to take enforcement action in these areas because of their location in OZPs.


The amended ordinance not only streamlines the statutory procedures on town planning, but also enhances enforcement provisions under the ordinance. It empowers the Director of Planning to take actions against unauthorised developments in Regulated Areas.


Copies of the plans outlining the locations of the Regulated Areas have been deposited in the Land Registry and at the Planning Department’s Planning Enquiry Counters in North Point and Sha Tin for public inspection.


In view of the designation of the two new Regulated Areas, the Town Planning Board made amendments to both the Ma On Shan and the South Lantau Coast OZPs.

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