Slope safety a priority

September 10, 2023

Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn said today that the Government’s primary focus is to stabilise the slope at Redhill Peninsula in Tai Tam to ensure public safety before proceeding with the necessary enforcement action against any relevant breaches.


Ms Linn told a press conference this afternoon that the relevant departments have inspected the slope where the landslide happened and found it affected three houses sitting on that slope.


She noted that among the three houses, one was in imminent danger and the residents had to be evacuated.


“As a follow-up action, the relevant department responsible for maintaining that government slope will do emergency works, first of all, to stabilise the slope."


On whether the house involved unauthorised building structures or unlawful occupation of government land, the development chief said initial evidence showed that there was some breach of the leases and unlawful occupation.


“But our primary focus at the present moment is to stabilise the slope to ensure public safety. Once that is done, we will proceed with the necessary enforcement (action) against the relevant breaches,” she added.

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