Police fitness test revised

September 8, 2023
Rule change
Rule change:

Two police officers demonstrate the new push-up test for male (right) and female (left) candidates.

Police announced today that the handgrip strength test used for recruitment will be replaced by a push-up test starting from September 21.


Another rule change to the physical fitness test involves an amendment to the 4x10m shuttle run, meaning candidates must use their feet instead of their hands to touch the line mark when turning around.


Requirements for the other two items namely the vertical jump and the 800m run are to remain the same.


All applicants for the positions of Probationary Inspector, Police Constable and Auxiliary Police Constable who apply on or after September 21 will be asked to undergo the revised physical fitness test.


The force said the revisions are aimed at aligning recruitment requirements more closely with the foundation training at the Police College and the operational demands of police work nowadays. They are also intended to help candidates prepare without the need for specialised fitness equipment.


Police said the revisions, which stem from research by sports science experts, enable a more objective, effective and comprehensive evaluation of whether applicants meet the required job competencies and are suitable for further training as police officers.


Separately, the force will visit 11 local universities to recruit high-calibre candidates from September 18 to October 13. Exclusive fast-track applications and on-the-spot written examinations for Probationary Inspector candidates will be facilitated.


In addition, the scope of the Police Mentorship Programme will be expanded to encompass all post-secondary students who meet the academic requirements for joining the force upon graduation. Recruitment of mentees begins today.

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