Project leadership training launched

August 28, 2023

The Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders (CoE) under the Development Bureau today launched the 2023-24 Major Projects Leadership Programme (MPLP).
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Secretary for Development & Chairman of the CoE Bernadette Linn said that the Government is committed to investing in infrastructure development to address economic and social needs, and enhancing the city’s long-term competitiveness.
She pointed out that a number of far-reaching landmark developments including the Northern Metropolis and the Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands are in the pipeline.
With Hong Kong's annual construction volume projected to reach approximately $300 billion a year in the medium to long term, she stressed the need to expand the infrastructure talent pool to ensure capital works projects meet public expectations for project efficiency and delivery.
As the flagship programme of the CoE, the MPLP is designed and delivered by the Oxford Saïd Business School, which offers a high-level project management and leadership development programme to major project leaders to uplift the overall performance and cost-effectiveness of public works projects.
The 12-month MPLP includes international classes at Oxford and local classes, and is supported by personal coaching and professional assessment.
Upon completion of the 2023-24 MPLP, there will be a total of about 140 major project leaders from government bureaus and departments, public organisations, major engineering consultants and contractors attending this programme.

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