Discharge a long-term worry: CE

August 27, 2023

Chief Executive John Lee today said Hong Kong has to be careful about long-term risks related to the Japanese Government’s decision to release nuclear-contaminated water into the sea.


In a media session after he attended his second district forum ahead the the 2023 Policy Address, Mr Lee noted that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has already banned aquatic products from 10 Japanese metropolises or prefectures to avoid the immediate risks from contamination in such products.


The Chief Executive said: “We also have to be careful about the long-term risks because of the cumulative effect of radioactive substances being poured into the sea.”


“(In terms of) the accumulation, we are talking about a period of 30 years, and a lot of experts have been worrying about this seriously. This is unprecedented, so nobody can tell (whether) it will be risk-free.”

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