Govt responds to media enquiries

July 21, 2023

The Hong Kong Golf Club's application for judicial review will not affect the Government’s decision to take back 32 hectares of land east of Fan Kam Road in Fanling Golf Course on September 1 once the lease expires, the Development Bureau said today.


The bureau also stated that the judicial review will not affect the Town Planning Board proceeding with the statutory planning procedures.


The Hong Kong Golf Club applied for a judicial review in respect of the decision on the Environmental Impact Assessment Report on the Technical Study on Partial Development of Fanling Golf Course Site - Feasibility Study.


Responding to media enquiries, the bureau reiterated that the Government's intention to construct public housing at the 9.5-hectare site at the northernmost portion of the 32 ha of land remains unchanged.


It further explained that the remaining site of about 22 ha, which is not for housing development, will be used for conservation and passive recreational use for public enjoyment.


Separately, in case the Hong Kong Golf Club needs to temporarily use land in the 32 ha for supporting the organisation of major events in future, the relevant departments would be happy to consider lending the site according to actual circumstances and needs, the bureau added.

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