Voucher eligibility check explained

July 5, 2023

The Government today clarified that people will not be disqualified from receiving the consumption voucher even if they fail to reply to the Consumption Voucher Scheme (CVS) Secretariat or its contractor’s SMS message within three working days.


With the 2023 CVS’s second instalment scheduled to be given out starting July 16, the CVS Secretariat decided to select a small proportion of registrations for eligibility checks, meaning the CVS Secretariat or its contractor will send such applicants an SMS message asking them to reply within three working days.


The Government explained that if there is no reply from the relevant people, the secretariat or its contractor will text again and contact the applicants by phone.


The secretariat will arrange to disburse the consumption voucher if the individuals can provide the relevant documents in a timely manner, the Government stressed.


Furthermore, the Government reminded the public that such calls will not be recorded messages, the SMS messages will not contain any hyperlinks, and no personal information will be obtained from the registrants directly.


Moreover, the Government or its contractors will only use designated telephone numbers to call or send the messages, it added.


If people have any doubts about the authenticity of the calls or the SMS messages, or wish to enquire about their registration’s checking progress, they can call 18 5000.

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