Skewed remarks about NSL rejected

June 30, 2023

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government today said it strongly disapproved of and firmly rejected the wanton slanders and smears concerning the implementation of “one country, two systems” and the National Security Law (NSL) in Hong Kong by certain US and UK politicians.
In a statement issued tonight, the Hong Kong SAR Government noted that such slanders and smears were recently made through a statement by certain members of the US Senate on the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland and the third anniversary of the implementation of the NSL, and by the House of Commons of the UK Parliament through a debate on the aforesaid third anniversary.
It said it strongly disapproves of and firmly rejects the unfounded remarks and slanders by the US and UK politicians regarding the Hong Kong SAR where “one country, two systems” is successfully implemented.


It also strongly urges the politicians to immediately stop acting against the international law and basic norms of international relations and interfering in Hong Kong matters, which are purely China’s internal affairs.
The Hong Kong SAR Government pointed out that the US and UK politicians wantonly put politics above the rule of law. Their attempts by despicable political manoeuvres to interfere in Hong Kong’s law-based governance, and undermine the city’s rule of law as well as its prosperity and stability, will only expose their own weaknesses and faulty arguments and be doomed to fail.
Once again, they ignored the acts and activities that severely damaged Hong Kong’s society, economy and business environment in the “black-clad violence” and Hong Kong version of “colour revolution” back in 2019.
Neither did they say a word about the fact that the NSL’s successful implementation has enabled the livelihood and economic activities of the Hong Kong community at large to resume as normal and the business environment to be restored.
Instead, they wantonly attacked, by making and spreading absurd, unfounded and fact-twisting remarks, the Hong Kong SAR in its dutiful, faithful and lawful implementation of the NSL. The politicians’ hypocrisy with double-standards have long been exposed. Their ill intentions will prove to be futile.
The statement stressed that the Hong Kong SAR is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China. It is a local administrative region that enjoys a high degree of autonomy under “one country, two systems” and comes directly under the Central People’s Government.
The judicial system of Hong Kong has always been highly regarded by international communities. Any attempt by any country, organisation, or individual to interfere with the judicial proceedings in the Hong Kong SAR by means of political power, in order to procure a defendant’s evasion of the criminal justice process, is a reprehensible act undermining the rule of law of Hong Kong.
Making remarks with the intent to interfere with or obstruct the course of justice, or engaging in conduct with the same intent, is very likely to constitute the offence of criminal contempt of court or the offence of perverting the course of justice.
That Hong Kong is a society underpinned by the rule of law and has always adhered to the principle that laws must be obeyed and lawbreakers held accountable is well recognised by international communities, the statement emphasised.
When discharging duties under the NSL, the Hong Kong SAR law enforcement agencies take law enforcement actions, based on evidence and strictly in accordance with the law, against any people, institutions or organisations that endanger national security. Such actions have nothing to do with their political stance, background or occupation.
The Hong Kong SAR Government specified that any suggestion that people, institutions or organisations with certain backgrounds should be immune from legal sanctions for their illegal acts and activities is tantamount to granting privileges to them to break the law. It is totally contrary to the spirit of the rule of law.
It explained that the Department of Justice (DoJ) of the Hong Kong SAR, by virtue of Article 63 of the Basic Law, controls criminal prosecutions, free from any interference. Independent prosecutorial decisions for each case are made in a rigorous and objective manner, strictly based on evidence and applicable laws and are in accordance with the Prosecution Code.
Prosecutions would be instituted by the DoJ only if there is sufficient admissible evidence to support a reasonable prospect of conviction, and if it is in the public interest to do so.
As guaranteed under the Basic Law and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, defendants charged with criminal offences shall have the right to a fair trial by an independent judiciary. Article 85 of the Basic Law clearly stipulates that the courts of the Hong Kong SAR shall exercise judicial power independently, free from any interference.
In all criminal trials, the prosecution has to prove beyond reasonable doubt before the defendant can be convicted, and the defendant has the right to appeal under the law.
The statement reiterated that the Hong Kong SAR steadfastly safeguards national sovereignty, security and development interests, and fully and faithfully lives up to this top priority of the principle of “one country, two systems”.
It also made it clear that the Hong Kong SAR Government will resolutely, fully and faithfully implement the NSL and further strengthen the Hong Kong SAR’s legal system and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security to prevent, suppress and punish in accordance with the law acts and activities that endanger national security.
The statement added that at the same time, the Hong Kong SAR Government will safeguard the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong people in accordance with the law. Its overarching goal is to ensure the steadfast and successful implementation of “one country, two systems”.

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