Housing plan remains unchanged

June 7, 2023

Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn stated today that the Government is still pursuing its goal of building public housing on part of the Fanling Golf Course.


The Planning Department had earlier proposed to the Town Planning Board to temporarily rezone the proposed public housing site east of Fan Kam Road in the golf course to "Undetermined”.


When asked by reporters for an update on the housing scheme, Ms Lin said: “We have not given up our plan to pursue a public housing project on the northern part of the Fanling Golf Course where 32 hectares of land will be returned to the Government.”


She also made it clear that in view of the conditions attached to the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment report last month, the development parameters of the plan have to be adjusted.


“The condition is that we have to review the layout design and the density of the public housing development to minimise the impact on the visual and landscape character in that area.


“So pending that process, we believe it is only responsible and professional of the relevant government departments to propose a practical zoning plan before their review is completed.”


Apart from stressing that the statutory processes will be duly respected, the development chief pointed out that the Government will take back the land on September 1 as scheduled.


“Concerning the 32 hectares, a large part of it will be opened up to the public for conservation and passive recreation purposes.


“The Leisure & Cultural Services Department is now planning the exact arrangements to be made come September 1 when the land is returned.”

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