Support for organ donations urged

June 7, 2023

Secretary for Health Prof Lo Chung-mau called for continued public support for organ donations during an event held for the cause at the Legislative Council Complex today.


He reiterated that organ transplants are still the best chance for many patients with end-stage organ failure to live a new life. 


Members of the public showing their willingness to donate organs by registering on the Centralised Organ Donation Register carry great significance to patients awaiting organ donations and their families, he added.


The Department of Health has set up an organ donation promotion booth on the ground floor of the LegCo Complex from today until June 13, except for this weekend, and those interested are welcome to visit for registration. 


The public may also register by themselves via the register’s website anytime, anywhere. If citizens opt for online registration via "iAM Smart", they can even have their identity validated during the application process at ease in no time.


The department has also set up a booth at the Central Government Offices this week to enable government personnel to register.


The health chief explained that over 2,600 patients with organ failure in Hong Kong are currently waiting for organ transplants.


“Among them, most are waiting for kidney transplants and the average waiting time for a cadaveric kidney transplant is about five years, with the longest reaching 29 years. The average waiting time for patients queuing for heart, lung and liver transplants is about two to three years. Many of these patients indeed passed away while waiting.


"Organ donation is a selfless and generous act of benevolence to save lives.”


Prof Lo added that people can effectively indicate to family members and medical staff their wish to donate organs via registration through the register.


In collaboration with community partners, the Government will continue to spare no effort in advocating organ donations in different aspects by strengthening public education and promotion.

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