CE expresses sadness over murders

June 3, 2023

Chief Executive John Lee said he is saddened by the murders that took place at a shopping centre last night and he extended his deep condolences to the families of the two deceased.
Mr Lee made the statement following the murder case that happened at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill on the evening of June 2.
Apart from explaining that Police have arrested the suspect and will spare no effort in investigating the case, the statement pointed out that this is an individual case. It added that Police and various law enforcement agencies will continue to strive to maintain law and order in Hong Kong.
Furthermore, staff from the Social Welfare Department have contacted the families of the deceased and the suspect and will render assistance.
Noting that the people may feel uneasy and worried, especially as videos of the incident were widely circulated online, Mr Lee urged everyone in the community to stop sharing the videos. He encourages people to extend care to family members and friends.


The public is advised to seek professional support if they experience any emotional distress.
People may call the Social Welfare Department's 24-hour hotline 2343 2255 for assistance, which provides immediate telephone counselling, support and referral services. Those in need may also phone the Hong Kong Red Cross at 5164 5040.
The department will also set up a mobile service counter near the scene of the incident to provide support for those suffering from emotional distress.
The mobile service counter will be set up outside Exit C2 of MTR Diamond Hill Station, ie the open area at the Public Transport Interchange outside the entrance of Plaza Hollywood. Its operation hours will be from 11.45am to 6pm.
The service counter will distribute pamphlets on handling emotional distress. The department's clinical psychologists will also provide on-site emotional counselling for those in need.


Meanwhile, those in need can seek assistance from professional medical staff by calling the Hospital Authority's mental health hotline at 2466 7350. The hotline service operates 24 hours a day.


Additionally, information on mental health support is available at the Advisory Committee on Mental Health's website, Shall We Talk.

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