Senior appointments announced

June 1, 2023

The Government today announced the appointments of Commissioner for Innovation & Technology, Commissioner for Efficiency and Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic & Trade Affairs to the European Union.


Commissioner for Efficiency Ivan Lee will assume the post of Commissioner for Innovation & Technology on June 12, succeeding Rebecca Pun who had proceeded with pre-retirement leave. Mr Lee’s appointment was made following an open and in-service recruitment exercise.


Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Policy Support) and Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice So Pui-sai will succeed Mr Lee as Commissioner for Efficiency on June 12.


Deputy Secretary for Security Shirley Yung will assume the post of Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic & Trade Affairs to the European Union on June 6.


On the appointment of Ivan Lee, apart from stressing that he possesses proven leadership and management skills, Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung said she confident he will take a proactive role in developing Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology centre to complement the country’s development in science and technology.


“I trust that colleagues of the Innovation & Technology Commission will continue to give their best under Mr Lee's leadership to meet the challenges ahead."


 As regards Miss So and Miss Yung’s appointments, Mrs Yeung said they are seasoned administrative officers with proven leadership and management skills. She also pointed out that she has every confidence they will continue to serve with professionalism in their new posts.


The civil service chief also thanked Rebecca Pun for her 36 years of service to the community.


"During her tenure as Commissioner for Innovation & Technology, she made significant contributions to drive and roll out a number of major initiatives to promote innovation and technology in Hong Kong."


She also wished Ms Pun a fulfilling and happy retirement.

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