Mainland policy info readily available

May 31, 2023

Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang said the Mainland Offices of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (MOs) regularly disseminate useful information aimed at helping Hong Kong residents in the Mainland to understand policies and legislation there.


Mr Tsang made the remarks today as he replied to legislators' questions about enhancing citizens' knowledge and understanding of the Mainland’s legal regime, laws and regulations.


He explained that with the Hong Kong SAR Government's commitment to promoting further integration into the overall development of the country, more Hong Kong people will go to Mainland cities for education, employment, doing business and living.


As a result, the MOs have been disseminating practical information on Mainland policies, laws and regulations and social situations to Hong Kong residents in the Mainland on a regular basis.


The offices have also been organising trade seminars and business exchange activities to keep Hong Kong's major industry and trade organisations as well as its residents and enterprises in the Mainland informed of the latest policies, legislation and measures there.


Relevant information has been uploaded onto the websites and social media platforms of respective MOs for public browsing.


In addition, Mr Tsang pointed out that the Practical Guide for Hong Kong People Living in the Mainland, produced by the MOs, contains useful information on points to note for living in the Mainland and other information including the legal system and services there.


The practical guide is also available on the MOs' websites.

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