Amnesty Int’l urged to apologise

May 30, 2023

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government noted that Amnesty International today corrected on its website an earlier allegation that a Uyghur person went missing after arriving in Hong Kong and demanded an apology from the organisation for the fabricated remarks.


In a statement, the Hong Kong SAR Government said Amnesty International confirmed the Uyghur person had not gone to the city, however it did not apologise for its unfounded, despicable and fallacious remarks which maliciously smear the Hong Kong SAR Government.


The organisation not only refused to admit its mistake, but also claimed that it would continue to monitor the human rights situation in Hong Kong and the Mainland, attempting to cover up its error and excuse itself for making malicious remarks that slander Hong Kong and the Mainland.


The Hong Kong SAR Government despises such an act and hopes the organisation can make a sincere apology responsibly.

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