COVID-19 response level lowered

May 30, 2023

The Government today lowered the response level under the Preparedness & Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance from the Emergency to Alert level with immediate effect.


It made decision after taking into account the World Health Organization's (WHO) latest advice on the COVID-19 epidemic situation as well as assessments of the latest local situation, risks and mutation of COVID-19 strains.


The Government said this marks a major milestone in Hong Kong people's fight against the epidemic over the past three years.


“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to members of the public and all sectors in the community again for their hard work in combating the epidemic as well as to our country's continued support to Hong Kong for its anti-epidemic work.


"The Government is earnestly thankful to the experts for their valuable advice based on scientific and data evidence. They have been helping Hong Kong advance its anti-epidemic work."


With the lowering of the response level, the Government's command structure has been adjusted. 


From now on, under the Alert level, the Government's cross-bureaus and interdepartmental response work will be co-ordinated and steered by the Health Bureau in lieu of the Anti-epidemic Steering Committee chaired by the Chief Executive when the Emergency level was activated. 


Relevant bureaus and departments will continue to take charge of subsequent follow-up work. 


The structure of the Command & Coordination Group and the COVID-19 Expert Advisory Panel are also disbanded.


The Hospital Authority also announced that public hospitals will stand down the response level to Alert with immediate effect and implement relevant measures.


The Government noted that the WHO has pointed out the pandemic is still ongoing.


The activity level of COVID-19 in Hong Kong still remains high and citizens who have not completed the first three vaccine doses are reminded to get the jab as early as possible.

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