Lion Rock Tunnel HKeToll smooth

May 29, 2023

The Transport Department announced today that the operation of HKeToll has been generally smooth since its implementation at Lion Rock Tunnel from 5am yesterday.


The department's emergency transport co-ordination centre has been closely monitoring the traffic situation at Lion Rock Tunnel and the overall traffic flow has been smooth in general.


The traffic condition in the vicinity of Lion Rock Tunnel will further improve once motorists become familiar with the operation of HKeToll and the toll booths are demolished, the department added.


From 6am to 6pm today, of about 57,400 vehicles passing through the tunnel, about 94% have been detected with a vehicle tag.


Meanwhile, the toll service provider has issued about 1,000 surcharge notices to impose a $175 surcharge to vehicle owners who used the Tsing Sha Control Area on May 7 without paying the tunnel toll.


An additional surcharge of $350 will be imposed if vehicle owners do not to pay the toll and surcharge within 21 calendar days of the surcharge notice’s delivery date.


The additional surcharge, together with the unpaid toll and initial surcharge of $175, must be settled within the next 21 calendar days. Those evading the toll payment are liable to a fine of $5,000 per trip and the licence of the vehicle concerned will not be renewed.


 For enquiries, call 3853 7333 or visit the customer service centres.

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