Organ donation data added to app

May 28, 2023

The Department of Health today announced that it has worked with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to introduce an enhanced feature for the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR), allowing iAM Smart users to check whether they have registered for organ donation.


Registered iAM Smart users can use the newly added “Centralised Organ Donation Register (Enquiry of Registration Status)” service on the app and connect directly to the CODR system, the department explained.


It also noted that people who have signed an organ donation card can register at the CODR in order to facilitate the confirmation of their wish and relevant arrangements.


Separately, the department said the Government is reviewing the procedures for registering for and withdrawing from the CODR system. After considering factors including privacy and identity verification, the system will be updated in due course alongside the enhancements.


For information on organ donation, click here or visit the thematic Facebook page.

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