Visa application change announced

May 24, 2023

The Immigration Department announced today that it will adjust application procedures for entry of visa/entry permits for dependents, foreign domestic helpers, imported workers, students, or those who wish to enter Hong Kong for training or a working holiday as from June 19.


Applicants under these categories have to declare whether they have any criminal convictions when they apply for entry visa/entry permits.


As a transitional arrangement, the department will continue to process applications that reach it on or before June 18, regardless of whether a declaration on criminal convictions has been made.


Application procedures for extension of stay will not be included in this adjustment, the department said.


It added that foreign domestic helpers currently working in Hong Kong applying for contract renewal with the same employer or for completing the remaining/extended period of the current contract with the same employer and for change of employer in Hong Kong will not be included in this adjustment either.

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